ADC Sound Recorder

ADC Sound Recorder 3.4

Records sounds from multiple sources and saves the output as mp4
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3.4 (See all)
Records all the input lines connected to your PC or the sound coming through the sound card. Includes automatic file saving with the possibility to output the content as WAV audio format for future processing. Starts automatically at the system startup and modifies the recording volume using a setting.

ADC Sound Recorder is a freeware tool that will allow you to record from all input lines available with your sound card.
The recordings will be automatically saved to a local hard drive and you can also export them easily to standard WAV sound file format.

ADC Sound Recorder also has a nice good-looking interface and it is really easy to use.
If you need a free and simple recording tool, you may try this one.

Main features:

- blends data with desktop wallpaper
- calendar, notes, tasks, alarms
- interactive desktop interface
- data sharing in a local network
ADC Sound Recorder - simple-to-use, friendly and reliable sound recording application with a smart and intuitive user interface.

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